Generation VII HYPE

I just couldn't wait for the official merchandise to come out...

The crochet Rowlet is by MissJennysCrochet (on Etsy) and the sock plush Litten is by the amazing whitechocoheart!

I also made my own Rowlet sock plushes based on whitechocheart's tutorial on pkmncollectors. They're by no means perfect, but the one on the right is pretty cute and is currently chilling with my Christmas Eevee plush and Jolteon TOMY.

(Now we wait and see what the official merchandise looks like...)

Updated Wants

I decided to clean up my wants pages to reflect my new collecting habits. These items are things that I'm very interested in. I'd still like some of the items from my old wants pages, but they are no longer priorities (meaning I won't buy them by themselves or I've come to realize they're just pipe dreams for me).

At this time, I'm focused on my Spearow and Hoothoot/Noctowl collections. I also dabble in Poochyena/Mightyena, Latios, Chatot and Zygarde 10 percent. I don't seriously collect the Eevelutions, but I'm currently looking to complete a set and do love Jolteon! I also have de-emphasized flats and plush in my side collections.

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If you are interested in selling to me, my feedback can be found here.

Introducing: Tiny Bird!

I finally broke down and created my own collection website on Weebly. Give it a visit by clicking my banner!

While it does focus on my Spearow collection (hence its name), it also has pages for my main side collections: Hoothoot/Noctowl, Poochyena/Mightyena, Latios, Chatot, Jolteon (and the Eeveelutins) and Zygarde 10 percent.


First Ever Shiny Repaint!

Hi all! I just finished my first Pokemon arts and crafts project. I repainted an old, dinged-up Spearow kid I bought for two quarters to be shiny! Here's a preview:

You can see my step-by-step process under the cut! If you ever decide to tackle a project like this, I've included some tips that you may helpful. :)

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Thanks for following my project! It was a lot of fun, and I'm very proud of myself for completing it.

Other Pokemon Wants

Hi all! This is my page for my non-Spearow wants! Spearow is my priority, but I'm definitely interested in these items as well. They are grouped by Pokemon and can be found under the cut.

NOTICE: At this time, I am ONLY interested in collecting Spearow, Hoothoot/Noctowl, Poochyena/Mightyena, Latios, Jolteon and Chatot. I am focusing most on Spearow and Hoothoot/Noctowl.

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My Spearow-centric wants come first and can be found here. I love to combine shipping whenever possible so if you have a few of my wants please let me know!

If you are interested in selling to me, my feedback can be found here.

The Spearow Collection

This will be my permanent post for all things Spearow! As you can tell by my profile picture, Spearow is my favorite Pokemon. I plan to try to collect as much Spearow merchandise as I can (with the exception of the trading cards). So here's my collection!

This is my Trading Figure Game (TFG) figure. I was lucky to find mine on a DeviantArt sales post. I included multiple angles so you can appreciate the detail. This was the piece that got me into collecting Spearow and drew me to pkmncollectors so it's very special to me.

I never thought I would ever own a Spearow/Fearow Zukan. But, thanks to hantsukihaunter, I now do! This little guy came MIP all the way from Japan. What I like most about it is the attention to detail, similarly to the TFG figure. It's a very cool piece to have in my collection, and I'm fortunate to have the correct base and begs to go with it. And, even though I'm not Fearow's biggest fan, I have to admit his Zukan piece is pretty cool too.

For people who aren't familiar with Zukan pieces, as I was before I joined pkmcollectors, I included this picture so you can get a sense of how small Spearow actually is. The mini-model, which is tiny in its own right, dwarfs it. And that makes the attention to detail all the more remarkable, in my opinion. All the figures in this line are to scale (1/40 of what the actual Pokemon would be). So, obviously, Spearow is pretty darn tiny haha.

Like the Zukan, I never in a million years thought I would own a Spearow metal figure. From being on the pkmncollectors community, I know how rare they are; after all, everyone who collects metal figures seems to be on the hunt for one! Luckily for me, I found mine in an eBay lot that was a bit misnamed. I actually stayed up until 1:30 a.m. to make sure nobody sniped the lot from me! I'm very excited to have it in my collection, even though it isn't in the best condition. It has a lot of character, and it's definitely one of my favorite pieces. I included a picture of it with my previously un-pictured childhood Tomy figure so you can see how small it is. Anyway, this is a figure I'm always going to cherish. :)

For the longest time, I didn't even know if an in-case collection Spearow existed. I saw it listed under the set, but I'd never seen a picture anywhere. That all changed thanks to nadoki65, who tipped me off about a claims post that had been run on pkmncollectors in my absence from the community. doryphish333 graciously found Spearow and sold him to me. I'm very, very, very excited to have him in my collection. Like the pink chibi stamp, I bought the only one I've ever seen. I find it unreal that I found both this and the metal figure within weeks of returning to pkmncollectors after a nearly six-moth absence. :)

Here's a size comparison (starring my childhood Tomy again). It's smaller than I thought it would be (Spearow itself is roughly the size of the ones on top of the Chibi stamp), but that makes its attention to detail so much more impressive.

This is the kid I bought off of eBay (and one of the first pieces I bought for my Spearow collection). I have a second older-version Spearow kid, but since they look nearly identical, down to the black speck above their right eyes, I'm not going to post a picture of him too. He'll make the family picture, though, when my clear kid comes in!

This is my newer-version Spearow kid, also from eBay. I got him for a good price, and I'm glad to have him in my collection. Not going to lie, though, I think the wing colors are a little off.

This is my clear older-version Spearow kid, also from eBay. I jumped because I didn't know when I'd see him again. I'm really excited to have him in my collection; he's in absolutely amazing shape. I included a bonus shot so you can see more distinctly that he's clear. He's a little different than other clear kids in that only his head and tail are clear, but it's still cool.

This is my first Spearow character (chibi) stamp. It's the one with the green base, and I think it's ADORABLE. Look at that face, and tell him you don't like Spearow!

This is my second Spearow character (chibi) stamp. It's the one with the blue base and, stunningly enough, the stamp ACTUALLY WORKED... and MORE THAN ONCE too. It must be - what? - 10 years old at least too!

It's here! The pink-based Spearow character (chibi) stamp is mine! It's the last one I needed to complete my collection of chibi stamps, and I'm so excited to have the one from the only picture I've ever seen of it! Thanks so much to nadoki65 for the tip! :)


This is my Spearow 151 stamp. It's very, very cute and came all the way from Finland!

Couldn't call my Spearow stamp collection complete without this TINY guy. Oh my goodness is it small. I can never tell based on eBay photos, and I was thinking it would be about the size of a pog. Instead, it's about the size of my finger nail!

Here's my Fullcolor Stadium figure collection. They look really cool all together (like a posse of Spearow!). The first one I got is the one with the white base, while I got the two with the green bases at the same time.

I never saw a Spearow TOMY figure with white wings until I started this collection. When I saw it, I knew I wanted it, and I knew I wanted it MIB. Thanks to pokevault, it's mine! Not gonna lie, though, I'm pretty sure only the wing tips are supposed to be white haha. For people who collect TOMY figures, apparently this one is from 2004 (the one with the plain pink wings is the earlier version).

Mini-models! I was surprised by how delicate and difficult to photograph they are!

I bought the first from a seller in Japan along with a Mega Charizard Y set. I'm really happy with it; the attention to detail is great, and it's really cute. I could live without the Fearow, though. The second is the metal swing key chain that all of the original 151 Pokemon were issued. It' kind of hard to see in this picture, but it's gold, and it makes it really eye-catching in person. They're fairly rare so it's really exciting to own one!

The first is the Pokemon Center 15th Anniversary Spearow Tin Can Badge. I'm not 100% sure on what the second is; I found it on a pkmncollectors sale post and had to have it. I love how it looks like a stamp, and it has a clip on the back so you can clip it to things.

The first is a really special piece in my collection. Because most Spearow merchandise is pretty old, it's nearly impossible to find anything MIB or MIP. This is one of only three pieces I have that can be considered mint and is an original 151 Badge from 2000. My loose one is from the re-release Pokemon did for its 15th Anniversary so they're actually different. Thanks you so much to flag for selling it to me; I know as a flying-type collector it was very special to you, and I'll always love it. :) The second is a really cool magnet I bought off a pkmncollectors member. I didn't even know it existed, and I'm very excited to have it.

I actually bought all of these from the same seller, which is how they ended up in the same pictures. I really like the pogs; they're a lot bigger and cooler than I thought they would be. I already had three FCS figures but this little guy was cheap so I just grabbed him. As for the old-school stamp, I'd seen them for other Pokemon but never for Spearow. I was actually trying to meet a minimum because I really wanted a Hoothoot keychain and came across it buried at the bottom of the sales page. Needless to say, I was super excited.

The first picture is of my Mexican bottle caps. I absolutely adore the attack pose ones, and I'm so happy to have them in my collection! The second picture is of my Meiji Juice Limited Battle Coin (I think, I'm not entirely sure; that's what it's always called on eBay and Amazon). My boyfriend gave it to me (he wanted to contribute to my Spearow flock (without accidentally getting me something I already had haha)) so it's definitely very special to me. I just wish it was easier to photograph! The third picture is of a very old Japanese coin I got from peppermints. I have no idea what it is, but it's extremely unique (I've never seen Spearow posed that way). The fourth picture shows you how tiny it is (it's about half the size of the Meiji Juice Limited Battle Coin and much thinner).


I bought this piece with every intention of keeping the Spearow coin, selling the other two to get some of my money back and throwing out the packaging. I had no idea this item was from 1998, and I wasn't expecting the packaging on the one that I bought to be virtually mint (AND contain the original instruction manual). Needless to say, I was shocked, and I'm keeping this piece together. Brings me back to my childhood haha.

When I saw this on a pkmncollectors sales post, I knew I had to have it. I absolutely adore it. From the name (the "Legendary Pokemon Birds" OBVIOUSLY refers to Spearow) to all of the many Spearows on it, it's definitely one of my favorite pieces. And I never knew it existed before either! Thanks so much to mercurrix for their careful packaging so it didn't get bent. :)

One thing I've learned from collecting Spearow merchandise seriously (this was the 90th addition to my collection) is that Spearow artwork RARELY varies. Generally, he's confined to three basic poses. That's what makes this simple page from a HeartGold/SoulSilver Quiz Book so special to me. It's a COMPLETELY different depiction of Speraow. And I LOVE it. He's so cute!!

These are the cards I've grabbed off of eBay or the pkmncollectors community. I don't collect cards (don't want to go down that rabbit hole) but sometimes I grab ones that feature great artwork, are holographic or tell a story. (As an aside, I really appreciate the last two because they mark the first time I've gotten the same card in both English and Japanese. The English one I traded for, the Japanese other came as a freebie in my package from pkmnexcavation (thanks so much!) Maybe, one day, I'll pick a card I like the best and try to collect it in every language!)


Here are my non-TCG cards. The French one is especially unique because it's clear; it was VERY hard to take a picture of it haha. I also love the standee; it's a major part of my display and helps hold up aarux's awesome sketch!

This card was part of the Neo Genesis expansion set and is a promotional card from when How I Became a Pokemon Card was released. I LOVE IT, and it made me interested in collecting cards that weren't of Spearow but had Spearow in them. Also... JUST LOOK AT THAT ANGRY BIRD! Makes me laugh every time.

Here are some miscellaneous flats of Spearow I've acquired. They're all very cute. The flats in the last small picture all came from ku_bek (I bought them with two Mightyena flats, my first Chatot flat and a Noctowl sticker). The "attack" Spearow amada sticker was one of my earliest "wants," and it's so exciting to FINALLY have it in my collection. I especially love the Spearow drawing psychmoonshadow included with my sticker purchase. :)

Some more flats! The first group is actually from my childhood (shout out to my mom for finding them!) while the second was a gift from stalkingsuicune I really appreciate stalkingsuicune's thoughtfulness! :)

This is a custom sketch by the very talented aarux. I ADORE the expression; he looks so fierce and cute at the same time.

Just had to include these! marphoria drew the cutest little Spearow on their thank you note for purchasing the Mexican bottle caps. mercurrix drew an awesome and very detailed Spearow on their thank you note for my flats purchase. Love them both!

Also had to include these. I LOVE it when people draw Spearows on envelopes! The first was by aarux and the second by shadowmoth! They'll always be a part of my Spearow flock (and I didn't buy any Spearows from aarux that time around, which makes it even cooler, imo). :)

This is a Spearow Amigurumi made by AnyaZoe. She has a store on Etsy called Little Creations by AnyaZoe, and I highly recommend her. This Spearow is so unbelievably adorable and, in my opinion, is better than any official plush. :)

My first commission! shaggy_griffon is amazing! I commissioned them to make a shiny Spearow bead sprite, and they did a fantastic job...and also included the normal Spearow bead sprite. I love them both; they're an adorable pair! :)

My second commission! agui_chan is absolutely incredible. I love everything about this bookmark, from Spearow's pose to the background to the ribbon. I bought itn with the intention of using it, but I don't think I can risk it (it's too darn cute). I really appreciate that agui_chan had me make every decision and provided multiple (adorable, I might add) sketches of Spearow for me to choose from. I would HIGHLY recommend commissioning agui_chan if you haven't already. :)

My third commission! latias_latios_7 is insanely talented! I gave them a cross-stitch pattern I found on DeviantArt, and they created an absolutely AMAZING bead sprite from it. I wanted to get something to commemorate how Spearow used to look, but his old sprite was just brown so being able to use the colorized version was perfect. I included the third picture for a size reference. :)

My fourth commission! hawlucha is amazing! I always wanted to grab one of their Pokedoll tags, and I jumped at the opportunity to get it. And I'm so glad I did. It's laminated (so I don't have to worry too much about it getting ruined) and it's currently balanced on top of three of my Spearow kids. It's based on original artwork by j_ule, which is always my avatar!

whitechocoheart is amazing! I was a winner in their giveaway, and they made this AMAZINGLY ADORABLE Spearow plushie face key chain for me. I'm so excited to have it in my collection, and I'm amazingly grateful to have won the giveaway. I can't remember the last time I won anything, and it was a really special moment because it happened during a rough week.


I commissioned the AMAZING pikabulbachu for an ACEO card drawing featuring Spearow, Hoothoot and shiny Taillow. I (obviously) collect Spearow, and I also collect Hoothoot fairly seriously. The shiny Taillow is a nod to the first shiny Pokemon that's actually been my team member (I found it after beating the first gym in Alpha Sapphire, and I always used the Taillow line in my Ruby/Sapphire run throughs so it was AMAZING). Needless to say, pikabulbachu outdid themselves. The card is GORGEOUS in person. pikabulbachu also included the most stunning sketch of Spearow ever. I was BLOWN AWAY when I saw it and love it so much, I made it the background of my computer (and my latest user pic here).


Yes, I now have Fearows. All were freebies. I'm not a fan of Fearow, but I am a fan of freebies and really appreciate the thought. :)


Hey everyone, elcardenal12 here. Excited to be on LiveJournal. Looking forward to joining a few communities.